Perfect Day – Blues Group

Well Blues, this has taken a long time to get done. All my badgering and cajoling you and your parents, but I think it is something special. I had tears welling in my eyes after seeing it for the first time and it was not with laughter (Apart from James Bond and Blackbeard the Pirate).

I have always said, perhaps to myself, how proud of all of Blues I am. The effort and commitment you give to this demanding sport at whatever level you are at is awesome, but this beats it by far. I know for some of you it has taken you out of your comfort zone but well done. Perhaps we should do a parents song, if you look closely one managed to get herself in the Video, well done Molli’s Mum.

One thing you will be pleased about is I, unfortunately, do not sing on this, I thought I had a chance on Monday but it was cruelly take away from me, one of those things and I’m not bitter about it.

This could not have happened without the help of Dan and Angie Taylor who edited it all together, again I am in your debt.

Please enjoy it, just a bit of fun.

See you soon hopefully