Gala Info for Swimmers


You should plan to arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes before the warm-up is scheduled to start. The warm-up time and procedure is normally detailed in the Meet information displayed on the website or notice boards. Remember your Swimming Kit – costumes (for warm-up and racing), towels, hats, goggles and possibly entry cards. You will also need a club shirt and tracksuit, food and drink for the period of time you are at the competition. On arrival, you will need to ‘sign in’ or post your ‘entry cards.’ The number of Open Meets now using entry cards is very small, it is becoming normal practice for swimmers to ‘sign in.’ For some meets the coach needs to complete a ‘withdrawal form’ listing those swimmers that will not be competing, it is therefore very important that swimmers arrive on time.

Secure your Valuables

Find the changing rooms. Please ensure that all valuables are locked away and not left in open lockers. The team will sit on poolside together, so look for some familiar faces A coach or team manager will usually be present to supervise the swimmers and control the warm-up. Swimmers will need to listen to announcements about their race(s) and will have to report to the Competitor’s Stewards prior to the start of their race(s). According to ASA law (and for insurance purposes), parents are not allowed on poolside unless they are serving in an official capacity. Swimmers should not enter the spectator area unless they have dried off and are wearing trainers or other suitable footwear ​

Swim Down

Once you have raced to make sure that you swim down, if a swim down faciltiy is available. Then report to the Coach/Team Manager who will discuss your performance with you. Swimmers should not leave poolside unless they have permission from either the coach or team manager The Meet will usually start about 10 minutes after the warm-up has finished. Remember to keep silent at the start of all races.