Finally, it’s over. Three weekends, 6 Sessions. Final Medal tally is 16 GOLD, 16 SILVER & 18 BRONZE. We competed in 101 Finals/Top 8 placings and again many PB’s and Regional qualification times were achieved. We had 27 Swimmers in Finals and Top 8, also 13 Individual Swimmers taking Medals. In addition to this 1 Gold
2 Bronze Medals in Relays and a series of near-misses by sometimes 100th’s of a second. (A recording of the 15/16 Girls Gold Medal-winning race is on the Hoylake Website, please take a look at the domination the young ladies inflicted on the opposition) Overall a very satisfying Cheshire County Championships 2020 for Hoylake. Being the best Peninsular Club at Cheshires is not important!!, it’s the consistency of all our swimmers in all events. Hoylake and certainly I, have always recognised the Squad system and the benefits it brings to the club, and this event and Lancashires should, and now hopefully will be the domain of Club. We all come together and swim together, a joint venture. As a consequence, that is why we finished 4th in the Hugh Laughland Age Group Aggregate Trophy (16 years and under) behind Stockport Metro, Warriors and Winsford and 6th in the Wallace Aggregate Trophy (Senior and Junior Events). Every swimmer that swam contributed to those results, Gold Medallists, 8th Place Finalists, we are a team.
Tash McDonnell (14) BRONZE 400mIM, 4th 200m Butterfly, 6th 400m Freestyle, 4th 200m Freestyle
SILVER 800m Freestyle
Lehna Davies (15) 7th 400m IM, 5th 200m IM, 8th 100m Backstroke, 8th 200m Backstroke,5th 100m Breaststroke 4th 200m Breaststroke
Millie Gidman (16) SILVER 400mIM, GOLD 50m Freestyle, BRONZE 200m Butterfly, GOLD 100m Freestyle, SILVER 200m IM, GOLD 100m Butterfly, GOLD 200m Freestyle
Emily Bernhem (16) BRONZE 400mIM, BRONZE 50m Freestyle, 4th 200m Butterfly, BRONZE 100m Freestyle
6TH 200m IM, BRONZE 100m Backstroke, BRONZE 400m Freestyle, SILVER 100m IM, SILVER 50m Butterfly BRONZE 100m Butterfly, BRONZE 200m Backstroke, 4th 50m Backstroke, BRONZE 200m Freestyle Christopher Jamieson (11) 4th 100m Freestyle,6TH 200m Freestyle, 5th 100m Butterfly, BRONZE 50m Freestyle, GOLD 200m Butterfly, BRONZE 200m Breaststroke
Lucas Horton (15) GOLD 100m Freestyle, SILVER 100m IM, GOLD 100m Butterfly, 6th 200m IM,
GOLD 50m Butterfly
Abbie Roscoe (11) SILVER 50m Freestyle, SILVER 100m Freestyle, GOLD 200m IM, BRONZE 400m Freestyle, GOLD 100m IM, GOLD 50m Breaststroke, SILVER 50m Butterfly, GOLD 100m Butterfly, 6th 200m Backstroke, SILVER 200m Freestyle, GOLD 100m Breaststroke, SILVER 200m Breaststroke.
Emily Brown (16) SILVER 50m Freestyle, 4th 100m Freestyle
Anna Underwood (17+) 8TH 50m Freestyle, GOLD 200m Butterfly, 6th 100m Freestyle,6TH 200m IM, SILVER 100mIM 4th 50m Butterfly, BRONZE 100m Butterfly, 6th 50m Backstroke, 7th 200m Freestyle
Harvey Dean (16) 7TH 200m Freestyle,7th 50m Backstroke,
Lee Harrison (16) 8th 200m Freestyle,7th 400m Freestyle, 4th 800m Freestyle.

Ilona Thomas Jenkins (14) 8th 200m Butterfly
Drew Woodward-Booth (12) 4th 100m Butterfly, 5th 50m Butterly,
Amelia Dodd (16) 5th 100m Freestyle
Thea Stewart (14) SILVER 200m IM, 5th 100m Backstroke, GOLD 400m Freestyle, SILVER 100m IM
Abigail Beech (16) 8th 200m IM, BRONZE 50m Breaststroke, BRONZE 100m Breaststroke
BRONZE 200m Breaststroke
Lily Horton (12) 7th 100m Backstroke, 6th 50m Breaststroke, 6th 100m Breaststroke, 5th 200m Breaststroke Lucy Benton (16) 6th 100m Backstroke,4th 200m Backstroke, 7th 50m Backstroke
Helen Booth (14) 8th 50m Breaststroke, 8th 100m Breaststroke,
Freya King-Mackinnon (15) 8th 50m Breaststroke,
Gia Hothersall (14) GOLD 1500m Freestyle
Megan Pendleton (14) SILVER 1500m Freestyle
Emily Brown (16) BRONZE 50m Butterfly, 5th 200m Freestyle
Jasmine Rostron (14) 5th 50m Backstroke
Regan Young (12) 6th 50m Breaststroke, 8th 200m Breaststroke
Niamh King-Mackinnon (17+) 5th 200m Breaststroke.
Dior Beavan (11) 4th 50m Butterfly
15-16 Girls Freestyle Relay GOLD Millie Gidman, Emily Bernhem, Emily Brown, Amelia Dodd
15-16 Girls Medley Relay BRONZE Millie Gidman, Abigail Beech, Emily Bernhem, Emily Brown
10-12 Boys Freestyle Relay BRONZE Drew Woodward-Booth, Christopher Jamieson, Reagan Young, Will Reynolds.
Cheshire Bagcats
Abbie Roscoe Winner 10/11 Years Girls
Thea Stewart 2nd 14 Years Girls
Millie Gidman 2nd 16 Years Girls
The club’s improvement from last year is phenomenal. This is my 5th County Championships on poolside with the club, and I truly believe this group of swimmers is the best I’ve seen in that time and definitely the best group since 2011 at Hoylake and some more are at Lancashires, they would make us even stronger hopefully next year!!!. As mentioned earlier Cheshire County has 2 group awards here are our positions:
Wallace Aggregate Trophy (Senior and Junior Events)

1. Stockport Metro  901  2. Warriors ***  371  3. Winsford  241  4. Altrincham  196  5. Halton  149  6. Hoylake  140 Last Year 45  7. Trafford Metro  139  8. Satellites of Macclesfield  127  9. Crewe Flyers  109  10. Bebington  108  11. City of Chester  107  12. Dane Valley  92  13 Nantwich Seals  66  14. Knutsford Vikings  58  15. Northwich Centurions  27  16. Marple  17  17. Alsager  5  18. Romiley Marina 

Hugh Laughland Age Group Aggregate Trophy (16 years and under) 1. Stockport Metro  2123.5  2. Warrington Warriors  1430  3. Winsford  941  4. Hoylake  547 Last Year 297.5  5. Satellites of Macclesfield ***  435  6. Halton  390.5  7. Altrincham  346  8. Bebington  345.5  9. Trafford Metro  317.5  10. Knutsford Vikings  238  11. Crewe Flyers  229  12. City of Chester  172.5  13. Nantwich Seals  161  14. Dane Valley  108  15. Northwich Centurions  89  16. Alsager  66  17. ASKA  60  17. Romiley Marina  60  19. Wilmslow  27  20. Sandbach Sharks  21  21. Ellesmere Port  3  22. Hazel Grove & Bramhall

People to thank, Parents, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and Share Lifts which I’m sure there were a few. If it wasn’t for all of you, our swimmers wouldn’t have achieved what they achieved. All our officials, I believe as a Club over the Weekends we had had most. If it wasn’t for you Guys and Gals these Galas would not run. Poolside helpers unsung but again Cheshire County couldn’t operate without you. Thank you to all of you 

Team Managers, Laura, Joy and Dawn. Sam who helped on Relay afternoon. Harry who was with me on poolside for all individual sessions. Thank you all, it made my life so much easier. It is a lot of Thank-yous 

Finally, the swimmers, thank you so much. Having fun is part of Cheshire’s, but equally knuckling down to some quality swimming is another. We are not robots who can turn it on every time we swim, but the effort and determination shown by you all were satisfying to see, some swims were breathtaking. Transferring skills from the training pool to the competition pool is what all coaches want to see, and certainly, that was in abundance. One more thing to mention, behaviour. I am so proud of you all, you are all a credit to your parents, not one issue over 3 weekends. Good manners and behaviour never go out of fashion. Hoylake salutes you all. 

So, other Counties over, some of us looking forward to Regionals and Nationals. For everyone else let’s look to getting County Times early this year. We had 60 qualifiers this year, and 50 individuals entered, next year lets go bigger again and try and upset the top 3, big task, but if you don’t have targets! So many galas coming up especially for Blues over the next 10 months, other Groups see your coach find out which meets they are targeting. 

See you at the pool