Club History

The original club base was the Hoylake Outdoor Pool, which was newly renovated in 1931. Pre-war and post-war the Club presented superb galas with star professionals as well as amateur championships events. The galas were very popular – the attendance at the first gala in 1931 was estimated at 4500. HASC enjoyed 40 years of outdoor galas at the Hoylake Pool. An open-air pool allowed only a short season from competitive swimmers. During the 1950’s an effort was made to move into year round activity by holding a summer programme at Hoylake and a winter programme at various indoor pools, mainly in Birkenhead.

The club was not only for competitive swimmers. HASC taught many children to swim and the club has enjoyed success at water polo, diving, live saving and synchronised swimming.  Many swimmers have brought District and County Honours to the club.

It was realised that HASC needed an indoor pool and in 1967 Hoylake Indoor Pool Organisation (H I P O) was formed, to help contribute towards the building of an indoor pool in the district.  Following several fund raising events including dances, weekly lottery draws and sponsored swims and by 1975 H I P O had raised more than £25000. This money was handed over to the council in furtherance of their own plans.  The result was The Concourse at West Kirby.  The H I P O emblem in the tiled floor at the shallow end is a reminder of all the hard work done by many and the club has been based  there since 1976.

The club no longer teaches non swimmers and all prospective new members attend trials, which are held on a regular basis. From 1981 the club concentrated on competitive swimming, one thing that has remained throughout the history of the club is its team spirit.   

The success of the club is owed to many swimmers, parents, coaches and committee members who have dedicated so much voluntary time to the club.​

Details Courtesy of: Heather Chapman