Hoylake Team Promoted in 2019 Arena League!

The final club event of 2019, Division One, Arena League Final. Once again Hoylake SC fired up the coach and travelled up the M6 to race in Kendal. We all knew this was going to be difficult, we were up against some strong teams with some exceptional individual athletes, but did we back away from the challenge? That’s not the Hoylake way.

As I said last time, to mention any one swimmer would be totally unjust. We are all part of the Hoylake Team and family. Everyone swam fantastically well, I mentioned before the Gala started to the swimmers, swim your best that’s all I can ask for, and that’s what I got. 50 events were every swimmer gave 110%.

As pointed out last time this squad of swimmers we have at the moment is the best I’ve seen for many years. To get everyone to Cheshires would be a dream, relays would be awesome but never mind I can but dream, but to be involved with this group of athletes is an honour for me you make me feel so proud.

Many thanks to all our judges: Angie Taylor and Shane Gidman, to Elaine Armstrong and Paula Corley, for being outstanding on poolside, ensuring all swimmers needs were catered for. We do have the best poolside team, there is no doubt about that at all.

To our amazing supporters on the balcony I know Kendal is not around the corner and we lose most of a day, but it was wonderful to see so many of you up there. It really does give us all a tremendous boost, so thank you again, as always for all your support.

The final word as always goes to all our swimmers, not just the swimmers who raced tonight but to each and every swimmer who trains and races for our fantastic club, we are blessed with so many talented athletes. Well done to you all.

A great night of racing and a superb result for Hoylake, finishing Third was probably a true reflection, with a couple of tight finishes going our way perhaps second. So, let’s get ready for Blackpool or Macclesfield
because we have been PROMOTED.

Well Done to everyone, an outstanding team effort.

So, that’s it. Christmas is upon us again. Last event Novelty Gala 22nd December, I hope you are all
See you at the pool. Thanks