Arena League Round 1

On Saturday 12th October Hoylake SC fired up the bus and travelled up the local Motorway network to race in the first round of the North West Arena League Division One clash in Leigh. In Round 1 we were up against some very strong teams. Hoylake, however, knows how to punch above our weight, and we knew we could get a good result to take us into round 2.

As always, the atmosphere was electric with all clubs bringing huge support to Leigh, all of which helped to produce some fantastic and exciting racing from all swimmers. The races throughout the night were very close with just tenths and hundredths of a second separating numerous swimmers, resulting in some outstanding swims. We literally were smashing personal bests out of the water with all our swimmers stepping up time and time again, racing with tremendous fight and determination. I am not sure what it is, but we always perform to an exceptionally high standard in the Arena League, maybe the team environment and the fact we are racing for our club mates brings out the best in us.

After 50 races Hoylake SC team had an excellent 1st place finish. More important though is that we clocked up a super number of points which puts us in a good position going into round 2.

The racing on the night was extremely fierce with all teams battling with all their strength to finish as high as possible in each and every race. For us, we didn’t gain many 1st places but at the same time, we didn’t gain many 5th or 6th finishes. What we did get was lots and lots of consistent middle place finishes, it was this consistent racing time and time again that was so very impressive, showing again we have superb strength across all ages and genders. What was also very pleasing was that in most ages we had swimmers in the bottom age group category, swimming a year younger, so in other words, next year we should, in theory, be even stronger. I am not going to mention individuals racing tonight because it is a team effort, but I will tell you this all now, every single swimmer stepped up to the plate and raced their hearts out, everyone did Hoylake extremely proud. What was also mightily impressive was every swimmer’s attitude, every single swimmer had a superb mindset, whether they were swimming one event or 5 plus events and everyone did their absolute best.

Many thanks to all our judges: Angie Taylor, Louise Johnson and Shane Gidman, and to Laura Horton for being announcer, to Dawn Harrison and Paula Corley, for being outstanding on poolside, ensuring all swimmers needs were catered for. We do have the best poolside team, there is no doubt about that at all.

Many thanks to all our amazing supporters on the balcony, it was wonderful to see so many of you up there. It really does give us all a tremendous boost, so thank you always for all your support.

The final thank you goes to all our swimmers, not just the swimmers who raced tonight but to each and every swimmer who trains and races for our fantastic club, I don’t often say it, but the camaraderie we have and the togetherness and love for one another is what makes this club so very special!!

A great night of racing and a superb result for Hoylake, Well Done to everyone, an outstanding team effort. 

Well Done again to all who raced tonight, outstanding, but the job is not done. We now look forward to the 2nd Round on Saturday 9th November, please, please, please we need a full-strength team. Don’t miss it, lots of drama and excitement to come!

See you at the pool.

Thanks  Craig